How Do You Sex A Araucana Chicken? And?, Yahoo! Answers

Araucana Hen

How do you sex a Araucana Chicken? And....? - Yahoo! Answers

Best Answer: I have had an Araucana Hen for over 2yrs and have yet to see a blue or green egg. . . hence they are probably a mixed breed Ararcuna though she passed on ...

Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart

Sage Hen Farm is not a hatchery. The information is provided for educational ... Chile, there are several different blue egg-laying chicken breeds, none called Araucana

Several colour variations of this breed available

Araucana There are several colour variations of this breed available, the most popular in New Zealand is the Lavender Araucana. Originally they were developed in Chile and ...

2009_Belvidere_APA_National_Show Results

Reserve National Champion Araucana, Large Fowl - Black Araucana Hen Reserve of Variety - Black Araucana Pullet, Large Fowl Reserve of Variety - White Araucana Pullet ...


Lavender Araucana, araucana hatching eggs, araucana chicks, lavender araucana chicks ... The colour is an even shade of blue-grey throughout on both the cock and the hen.

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araucana hen is a mixture of two chicken race, collonca(rumpless) and quetro or ketro(with earrings) the name is for the araucanos(Indians of chili)

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in chile the collonca chicken has no tail, the quetro has tail and earrings and the mixture of both is the araucana hen. here ,in chile, is dificult find purebred

The Official Blog: Araucanas and Ameraucanas

An interested Ameraucana fancier contacted me with a question about distinguishing Ameraucana cockerels from pullets. On the right is an Ameraucana hen, showing full ...

Brown Egg Blue Egg - APA Araucana Standard

Little is known of the origin of the Araucana except that some came from South America ... Standard Hen: 4 lbs. Bantam Hen: 30 oz. Standard Pullet: 3 1/2 lbs. Bantam Pullet

Araucana - Marta H., Missouri -

Marta H., Missouri Araucana banty rooster, Doodle-Doo, proclaims his favorite hen is Rosey

How Do You Sex A Araucana Chicken? And?, Yahoo! Answers How Do You Sex A Araucana Chicken? And?, Yahoo! Answers
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