Utility Chickens Araucana Chickens Blue Egg Laying Hen

Araucana Hen

Utility Chickens : Araucana chickens : blue egg laying hen

Information; history; genetics and pictures about Araucana chickens - the blue egg layer hen


Ancestors| Suggested...| Recognized...| Araucana,... The Araucana, also known in the USA as a South American Rumpless, is a breed of chicken originating in Chile. The Araucana is often confused with other fowl, especially the Ameraucana...


Eggs from my Araucana pullets. A Duckwing pair. A BBR pair. The hen is a little too dark and the rooster a little too light; they are well-matched.

Backyard Chicken Pictures - Araucana/Americana Hen

Chicken Pictures & Photography from My Pet Chicken - Araucana/Americana Hen

The Garden Hen - Araucana

ARAUCANA. History: The Araucana was produced in South America by the interbreeding of the Mediterranean breeds that the Spaniards brought over with them, with the South ...

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Araucana APA and ABA Show Birds, Araucana starter stock ...

The Araucana chicken can trace it's descent from two South American types (these were not breeds) of chicken - the Collonca, and the Queteros.


Two shots of Gold Duckwing Araucana males. A standard White Araucana hen. The head of a male Araucana (from a Belgian flock) Photo courtesy of Rony Duchesne

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Murray McMurray Hatchery - Araucanas/Americanas

Our Araucana pullets are most definitely a wonderful part of our flock. They began ... My wife and I are building a hen house at this time. As soon as we are ready, we ...

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Utility Chickens Araucana Chickens Blue Egg Laying Hen Utility Chickens Araucana Chickens Blue Egg Laying Hen
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Is the Araucana Chicken the right breed of chicken for me? Scientific name: Gallus gallus domesticus. Country / Place of origin: South ... snowflake,araucana hen tinkersagain

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